LashLift (1) Dual Lifting Creme

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Product code: HBE7232

Size: 10 x 1.5ml

Step 1: HIVE® Lash Lifting Dual Crème is the launchpad to perfect lashes & brows!


Applied to the base of the lashes the highly effective crème enhanced with Hydrolised Silk and Vitamin B3 weakens the disulphide bonds in each hair, allowing them to be re-shaped and lifted around the contour of the shield.

Creating maximum lift, volume and the coveted HIVE® LashLift effect.

Can also be used for brow lamination.

Lifting Crème (1) is enriched with Cocoa Butter to moisturise the lashes and produce a silky shine.




  • Enables lashes and brows to be re-shaped and lifted
  • Includes Hydrolised Silk and Vitamin B3
  • Coconut Butter moisturises the lashes
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