LashLift (1) Lifting Creme

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Product code: HBE7232

Size: 10 x 1.5ml

Step 1: HIVE® Lash Lifting Crème is the launchpad to perfect eyelashes!


Applied to the base of the lashes the highly effective crème enhanced with Hydrolised Silk and Vitamin B3 weakens the disulphide bonds in each hair, allowing them to be re-shaped and lifted around the contour of the shield.

Creating maximum lift, volume and the coveted HIVE® LashLift effect.

Lifting Crème (1) is enriched with Cocoa Butter to moisturise the lashes and produce a silky shine.



  • Enables lashes to be re-shaped and lifted
  • Includes Hydrolised Silk and Vitamin B3
  • Coconut Butter moisturises the lashes
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