Hive Mini Wax Heater 0.5 Litre, Original Hot Fil Kit

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This kit includes a professional 0.5 litre wax heater and all the essential products for therapists to begin performing depilatory hot waxing treatments.


Contents: Mini Wax Heater 0.5 Litre (500cc) which includes an Inner Container, Pre Wax Cleansing Spray 400ml, Original Hot Film Wax 500g, Disposable Spatulas (100), After Wax Treatment Lotion 400ml, Smooth It Ingrowing Hair Treatment Spray 100ml and Wax Equipment Cleaner Spray 400ml.


Standard size wax jars can be directly inserted into this 0.5 litre heater, or wax can be decanted into the inner container provided!

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